How to Reduce Fleet Costs by Focusing on Driver Safety

It’s no secret that collisions account for a significant proportion of fleet risk and costs, with on-the-job highway crashes costing employers $26K per crash, $78K per injury, and $750K per fatality (NETS). And these figures don’t reflect the potential impact of a nuclear verdict, which could be business-ending. So, how can you reduce such significant collision-related risk and costs? By implementing a comprehensive driver safety program as part of a crash-free culture®!

The program should include a holistic view of driver risk encompassing profile assessment, collision history, license checking, and monitoring of actual driver behavior. Risky habits should be targeted for change using eLearning, coaching, gamification, and rewards. Benchmarking should be used for ongoing evaluation and adjustment of program goals. eDriving clients employing this patented methodology have achieved up to a 67% reduction in collisions and 10-14x ROI.

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