Mentor TAG
and CrashPACK

Next generation signal capture & crash reconstruction.

Introducing Mentor TAG, a small, light, self-installable external accelerometer that is adhered to the inside front windshield of any vehicle that pairs with drivers’ smartphones to help drivers and managers realize the full potential of the award-winning Mentor by eDriving smartphone app.


Enhanced FICO® Safe Driving Score Accuracy. Enhanced collection of both positive and negative acceleration, braking, and cornering events ensures a driver’s FICO® Safe Driving Score has the highest precision and reliability.

Reliable Driver Identification. Pairing TAG with the driver’s smartphone via the Mentor app can provide reliable identification of the driver associated with a specific vehicle in a multiple-use or pooled vehicle environment.

Exclusion of Personal/Passenger Data. Pairing TAG with Mentor for all work-related trips will eliminate the need to separately identify and exclude personal and/or passenger trips from FICO® Safe Driving Score calculation.

Notification when Mentor is NOT Paired. When drivers forget to pair Mentor with TAG, you’ll know! Start time, end time, and risky driver events are always detected and stored, and can be sent by Mentor to the Virtual Risk Manager platform the next time the smartphone and TAG are paired.

Reduced Loss Ratio*. Mentor TAG can help reduce the claims process from months to days. Claims and Fleet Managers receive instant First Notice of Loss, as well as a detailed CrashPACK report on the event, which can help reduce claim adjustments and avoid accident investigations for the insurer, while helping identify areas for intervention (e.g., training, coaching) for the driver.

* Coming Soon

CrashPACK: Detailed, Accurate Crash Reconstruction

In the event a collision is detected in a vehicle with Mentor TAG, a detailed CrashPACK report is created, including a 2D crash reconstruction (privacy permissions required).

  • This crash event will trigger eDriving’s driver risk management platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, to issue a detailed “dossier” to the Vehicle Owner and Accident and Claims Management companies with the Client’s/Vehicle Owner’s permission.
  • The dossier will provide all the vehicle and driver data available including incident, collision, license violation, FICO® Safe Driving Score and eLearning history, as well as the technical information on the location, point of impact, and the expected vehicle damage.
  • Virtual Risk Manager will also provide the 2D crash reconstruction of the event, often with additional detail not available from video camera solutions.
  • Through its seamless claims handling*, Mentor TAG can help reduce the process from months to days, offering significant savings from process improvements and mitigating further loss such as fraud or downtime of fleet vehicles.

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